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At PG Genetics our mission is to improve patient care by working with healthcare providers to incorporate personalized medicine into standard protocols with the addition of pharmacogenetic testing . We believe that personalized medicine allows for more effective drug regimens resulting in patients receiving a higher level of care and the prevention of adverse drug reactions and, ultimately, controlling overall healthcare costs.

We work closely with physicians, medical staff, to find the most appropriate personalized medicine solutions with our affiliation with  a leading CLIA nationwide approved lab.

PG Genetics takes you to the next level of prescribing by providing information on drug-drug and drug-gene interactions.


With potential savings resulting from patients on more effective drug regimens, it is becoming increasingly important for physicians, health plans, employer groups, pharmacy providers and pharmacy benefit managers to add pharmacogenetic testing to standard treatment.

We offer a full range of cost-effective pharmacogenetic tests with the advantage of decision support tools. With gene variants occurring in more than 50% of patients, understanding how a patient’s DNA metabolizes a prescribed medication or multiple medications is as important as knowing the diagnosis and any drug interactions.

The Right Drug At The Right Dose At The Right Time For You