Get the most out of your treatment

The Right Drug At The Right Dose At The Right Time For You

PG GENETICS brings pharmacogenetics to your doctor’s office, hospitals and to you! The drugs available today are powerful agents that save millions of lives each year. But some prescription medicines may not work well enough for you or even trigger significant side effects.

Getting you the right drug at the right dose at the right time is the goal of PG Genetics. So you and your physician can understand how your inherited DNA sequence influences your response to medications.

By combining genetic information with family history, lifestyle and environmental factors your doctor can maximize treatment effectiveness while avoiding potentially life-threatening side effects. This eliminates the trial and error method of matching patients to drugs.

The test begins with a simple and painless cotton swap that analyzes your genetic profile for a wide variety of medications knowledge that can enable your doctor to prescribe the best available drug therapy for you at the right dose at the right time.